Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Rain at a restaurant in Apgoojung-dong

압구정동 코기코기.옆 테이블에 가수 비가 있습니다.덩치 좋습니다
This is a restaurant called Gogi Gogi (Meat Meat) located in Apgoojung-dong.
Rain is at the table next to mine. His body is in amazing shape.

빽가횽아가 합류했습니다.이거 뭐 쫌만 더있으면 투피엠도 합류할기세
Baekga has joined him. If I wait a few more minutes, an atmosphere as if 2PM even join him will seem to be created.

가수들도 사람인지라 식사중엔 말 안걸었어요.ㅋ신기하지도 않고..
I didn't talk to any of them during the meal because singers are also common people like ourselves..ㅋ
So they don't look special.

English translation by rain

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