Thursday, February 24, 2011

'Red Muffler' starring Rain will be filmed on location in his father's hometown


'Red Muffler', a ten billion won blockbuster starring Rain, is expected to be filmed on location in his father's hometown, Seosan, in Chungchungnam-do. where he spent his childhood for a while.

This year's much anticipated blockbuster film 'Red Muffler' tells of the story of South Korea's fighter pilots' life-and-death struggles to resolve a crisis in the Korean peninsula on the brink of war.

In the movie, Flight Lieutenant 'Jung Tae Hoon' (Rain), the youngest fighter pilot in the Black Eagle team best qualified, tries an absolutely forbidden maneuver in which the speed is sharply lowered to zero knot while putting on an air show, so he gets into trouble with the team and is shunted off to the 21st Combat Aircraft Wing, a regional combat air patrol. While there, he falls in love with Sergeant 'Yu Se Young' (Shin Se Kyung), a female aircraft mechanic who is very strict and uptight.

According to officials on the 24th, "With wholehearted cooperation from Air Force, the director and the leading actors have already had some rehearsals several times while looking for air bases such as in Haemi, Cheongjoo, and in Daegu, including Seosan of Chungchungnam-do for the final decision on the set that deserves the movie."

Adding, "Rain feels a strong sense of responsibility and expectancy that he didn't have before getting to play the venerated air force pilot in the movie. We'll shoot it, combing brilliant computer graphics with live-action location shots not seen in the past in this country."

Source: Newsen
Brief translation by rain

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