Thursday, February 24, 2011

[Notice from rain-cloud] For worldwide fans living in countries except Korea and Japan The recruitment of the 8th Cloud fan club

This announcement applies only to all those who are living in countries except Korea and Japan.


Hi, this is the 7th Cloud executive board.

We begin recruiting new members for the 8th Cloud.
Please read carefully and follow the directions.

1) The dates for accepting applications : February 21st, 2011 (Mon) ~ March 20th (Sun), 2011.

2) The period of work : From day on when the line of the membership is upgraded to a Regular Member belonging to the 8th Cloud who can enter the section, "구름가득한방", of this site.

3) Pay Pal users are asked to send US $ 55 through a fixed email, inclusive fees
(only in cash, only in US $, unconditionally)

4) Minors are eligible for a discount:
* Reduced fee which pertains to minors who are living in overseas countries, is US $ 40, and it offers discounts only to those who have proved to be minors through overseas manager 'Heidi Li' when they join the fan club.
Please make sure to contact 'Heidi Li' through her email before the remittance.
(We'll get certifications relating to your evidences proving that you are minors)

5) The benefits of being a member here is that,
① you're given the opportunity of receiving its official membership card and goods
② you're given the opportunity of becoming a qualified member who can receive differentiated information.
③ you're given the opportunity of attending Rain's fan meeting to the fan club (one time only)
④ you're given priority in admission during the open broadcasts (through arrangements with organizers)
⑤ you can be given the opportunity of attending other events

4) The way to apply for membership of the 8th Cloud is run through "" (application & remittance)

For the recruitment of the 8th Cloud for overseas fans, please contact manager 'Heidi Li' through (

Even though a lot of problems had been encountered during the overseas recruitment last time, we couldn't be often prompt in dealing with them.
So managers in charge of the recruitment relating to overseas countries except Korea and Japan, have been arranged to make the work come on in leaps and bounds.

Thus, those who will join the club are asked to contact the managers through the emails below. They will be happy to answer any questions you have.
The contents of your emails with the expenditure will belong to the managers and us (the executive board)

The procedure for joining

* Please use extreme care not to follow the wrong order.

① You're asked to send US $ 55 through Paypal ( by the designated date.

* You're asked to remit the money only in cash (only in cash, only in US $, unconditionally) (No credit card transactions)

The name of the remitter should be set as the ID that you use with when you log on to

Further details will be announced later for those who don't know how to use Pay pal.
(Taiwanese and Chinese applicants who find it's difficult to use Pay Pal, can send the money as a group through master Taiwan's master Sindy and China's master Amanda, respectively. In addition to this, more detailed information about the remittance as a group will be announced by each master from each country.)

→→ You have several blanks that you need to complete up when you remit the money through Pay Pal ←←

① ID ②name ③nation ④mailing address ⑤ email address.
When the money is sent as a group through Pay Pal, 5 items above of each of all the applicants should be completed up.

② You are asked to log on to '' to join the 8th Cloud after the remittance (New members should register on the site)
* Even though you have sent the money together as a group, you need to fill out the form with each ID of each of you.

③ Please click the banner below for membership of the 8th Cloud, and press OK after following the form..

* Please don't modify your ID while following the form.

* You are supposed to receive your mail through each master from each country, so you should write down each of your domestic and foreign mailing addresses in English.

Applying for membership of the 8th Cloud after the remittance. ↓↓↓


*In a special case where you can't help but send the money in Korean money.

You are asked to remit 65,000 won in Korean money (that is the conclusive fee including remittance charges )
But, if possible, please use Pay Pal.

652702-04-132939 LEE, GAWON

You can follow the form after clicking the banner above after the remittance.

* We won't answer all questions except the two cases of (the remittance in Korean money from overseas, and the remittance in cash through Pay Pal).
Moving on to other methods could further complicate the process of the recruitment, so we ask for your understanding regarding this matter

Here are a few things that you need to be aware of

1. Please post your contact number where we can reach you, and your full postal address for your mail correctly.
(We cannot be held responsible for what happens caused by wrong information)

2. In case of withdrawing from the club after the completion of the application, it's impossible to rejoin the club within the terms of the 8th membership.

3. Please note that you cannot return the item and no refund is possible after the completion of the application.

4. if you only fill out the form without transferring the fees to the given account or vice versa, you won't be included in the fan club members.

5. You can check to see whether the payment have been credited to the account or can check out the list of those who have become members, at one time after the completion of the application.

6. Make sure you keep your own remittance slip carefully which could be used instead of the membership card.

We hope to get a lot of interest from you
We'd appreciate it if you let it spread to other overseas overseas sites far and wider.

The contents above will be posted at the section, '구름들의사랑공간' of this site again after one day.

English translation by rain

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