Friday, February 11, 2011

Rain's finished his performance in Sapporo

15:35 비(RAIN) 공연시작~~
블랙슈트, 블랙셔츠, 검은 선글라스 백 댄서 6 명.

4곡 (공연예정시간 약20분)
1. I'ts raining ♪ START
2. Touch ya ♪
3. 하루도 ♪

(ment) 삿포로는 3번째 방문이고 라면을 좋아한다고...

5. 널붙잡을 노래♪

Rain started the show at 15:35~~
He was dressed in a black suit and black shirt with black sunglasses, and he was with his 6 backup dancers.
He performed for about 20 minutes, singing 6 songs (including encore song 3), It's Raining, Touch ya, Not A Single Day, Ranism, Love Story, and Hip Song.
He gave the audience a brief greeting in the middle of the show, "This is the third time I have been here, and I like ramen."

Source: DC
Brief translation by rain

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