Friday, February 11, 2011

The news out of Sapporo at the moment

- on Feb.11th, at 3:30 pm, Seoul time -

틴탑(?) 노래 했고 지금은 성시경 흉 노래 부르는 것 같고 비느는 마지막에 4곡 정도 부를 거 같다고 하네요. 댄서흉들 게임하며 기다리는 것 같고요.

Japanese singer 'Tin Top' (?) already sang, Korean singer 'Sung Si Kyung' is now singing, and Rain will be the last singer who will sing approximately 4 songs. Rain's backup dancers seem to be waiting for his turn, playing a game.

Rain's back view

삿뽀르 눈이 엄청 많이 왔나봐여. 일본 팬들 그 눈을 뚫고 비느 숙소 근처에 비느 콘썰 의상 입혀논 곰인형 놓고 사진도 찍으셨던데...

Heavy snowfall is reported in Sapporo Province, Japan.
A fan caught a glimpse of his back view.
The traverse across the snow was difficult and it was a rough trip, but Rain's Japanese fans got there safe and sound.

They dressed teddy bears in the clothing Rain used to wear on the stage and took a picture of them near the hotel he was staying at.

Brief translation by rain

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