Friday, February 18, 2011

Rain visits an air unit & his autograph

Rain's autographActor 'Lee Jong Seok's autograph

When my father who's a commissioned officer in the air force told my mother yesterday, "Rain and his co-stars will visit our army base to do some preliminary research before filming a movie called 'Red Muffler'. Actresses who Rain plays in the movie with will visit other army base (the 18th reconnaissance wing)", my mother said, "Your inferiors could be disappointed since actresses won't come to your army camp."

The much-awaited day arrived, and today my father sent a SMS to me, attaching a picture showing Rain's autograph to, that says "Republic of Korea Air Force is great!!! Thank you always ♡."

I later found that actor 'Yu Joon Sahng', 'Kim Jung Soo', actress 'Lee Ha Na', actor 'Jung Kyung Ho', and actor 'Lee Jong Seok' were also there, including Rain.

In fact, I'm a fan of actor 'Lee Jong Seok', so I asked my father to get his autograph and had another SMS with a picture showing his autograph in a few minutes, that says "I've been briefed very well, and I'll help make a movie which will be a big hit, studying and practicing acting harder."

I was suddenly proud of my father, and I believe that this new movie will be a big hit!!!

As soon as the movie comes out, I'll be the first person to see it even during examination.

Brief translation by rain

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