Friday, February 18, 2011

Rain undergoes military discipline in the Air Force before the movie, 'Red Muffler'

오늘 남자친구 부대에 드라마 브리핑때문에 비랑 이하나랑 시크릿가든의 썬?이 왔다네요 ㅋㅋ 비 맞은편에서 밥먹었다고 자랑을!!!

청주공군사관학교에서 주연배우들 훈련했다네~근데 어제도 가고 오늘도 간단 말인가??

Yesterday (February 17th), Rain visited R.O.K. Air Force Academy located in 'Cheong Joo' region where Rain's fan's boy friend is in training, to gain actual experience and to be briefed about the whole fabric of life in the Air Force before the movie, 'Red Muffler', with his co-stars such as actress 'Lee Ha Na', actor 'Lee Jong Seok' who ever appeared in drama 'Secret Garden', etc.

According to the fan, her boy friend bragged that Rain'd have a meal (after the military training and briefing), sitting down across from him.

Rain will allegedly visit there to be trained to fight again today.(February 18th)


Brief translation by rain

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