Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Rain is a role model for 2PM's 'Ock Taek Yon'

Watch the clip here.

Male pop group 2PM's 'Ock Taek Yon' says that Rain who is a very successful singer and actor and is a versatile star, is a role model for him.

When asked whose example he really wants to follow in KBS 2TV's 'Yeoyumanman' aired on the morning of February 7th, 'Ock Taek Yon' named Rain as his role model without any hesitation, which attracted attention.

'Ock Taek Yon' spoke frankly that he really admires Rain, "I was able to see a lot of Rain because he was my senior in the same management company with me in my trainee days. If I worked as hard as he had done, I thought I could be ready for anything like him. Rain, a very successful singer and actor, is also arguably the best singer and actor in Korea, so he is a supreme example and a role model for me."

Source: Newsen
Brief translation by rain bird@rain-eu.com

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