Sunday, February 06, 2011

Rain chosen to act the main role in movie 'Living In The Sky' depicting fighter pilots' life

Rain & actress 'Sin Se Kyung'.

It is decided that top star Rain'll appear in movie 'Living In The Sky'.

Rain has been cast in the lead role for movie 'Living In The Sky' (produced by Jumony Entertainment & CJ Entertainment, directed by Kim Dong Won).

The movie is a remake of the 1964 original (Red Muffler) directed by the late director 'Sin Sang Ock, and has been promoted to be made since last year in celebration of the 60th years of the Korean War history.

It has been brought to the public's attention that Rain's last choice before enlisting in the army is 'Living In The Sky'. Actress 'Sin Se Kyung' will play opposite Rain in the movie. In addition to the two, actor 'Song Kang Ho', 'Yu Joon Sang', 'Kim Sung Soo', actress 'Lee Ha Na', etc. will appear in the movie.

Source: Star News
Brief translation by rain

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