Friday, January 14, 2011

Rain sings the blue on his Twitter because he isn't sure how to do twittering


Singer Rain also has a cute charm about him?

Rain recently sang the blue on his Twitter, "Right now, I'm 30. So I try to replace 29rain with 30rain, but I don't know how to do it. ㅠ", which has caught netizens' attention.

29rain is Rain's Twitter ID, and Rain who was born in 1982, has turned 30 this year.

For this reason, he is trying to replace 29rain with 30rain, but he is spending much time trying to figure out what to do because he is not sure how to do twittering.

Also, Rain's main photo on his Twitter has still been set as basic one. In this respect, it can be inferred that he leaves it there as it comes because he can't do it.

Before this, Rain showed affection for MBLAQ, congratulating them on their comeback by saying, "Everyone, how was our MBLAQ's Stay performance today?? Please monitor them strictly."

Source: TV Edaily
Brief translation by rain

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