Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rain MCM Event in London

MCM London (5)

[ohkpop twitter]

- He came out of a white limo and was already at the door, but walked over towards the line to say hi. All that, despite the rain.

- My sis held on to him when he walked out and smiled. When she asked for a hug, he nodded but security told us to keep moving. >br />
- Funniest thing of the event, it rained when RAIN actually came in. Ironic, isn't it? Haha.

- Were already in line to purchase the wallet when they announced there's only five minutes left to buy. So we gave up and waited for him.

- Sad to say, didn't get to have the photo/sign with him because of the queue. But we did see him upclose and personal! Updates later!

- Woohoo! Just got home from Rain's MCM Event in London. I must say, that chap knows how to please his fans. I can die happy now. :)

[MCMtweets's twitter]

- Rain is here signing away

- rain went into the crowd to greet the fans

- I can see a limousine.

- Rain is almost here

- Newsflash: Rain will be signing all #mcm merch, not just backpacks. He is very eager to meet his uk fans!!

- There is already a queue outside!

- I am at the #mcm store london and we are getting ready to welcome Rain

Source: MCMtweets's / ohkpop twitter

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