Monday, January 03, 2011

Rain holds successful "Adieu 2010 with Rain" concert

On December 31st, Rain held his "ADIEU 2010 with RAIN" concert. He spent the last day of 2010 with 8000 cheering fans. Even though the weather was below freezing, the concert atmosphere was lively and warm. The opening stage started with a laser show. Rain wore military clothes and performed hit songs, "I'm Coming", "Touch Ya", and "You" all in a row. The audience screamed at every move he made.


He also opened with a few words, "Today is 2010's last day. I'm happy. A lot of people came and this is very meaningful to me. We're going to be together for the next two or so hours. If you're disappointed with this one, you can come to the 11 o'clock one, but you won't be able to since it's full. You can come to the encore concert, since I'll hold it if you want."

There was nothing to criticize about his concert. He showed off his singing and dancing abilities with "Love Song", "How to Avoid the Sun", "Rainism", and "It's Raining". There were many other stages where he showed off all his charms. He sung "Me" getting rained on from the stage and sung "Hip Song" as a cute criminal.

He never gave them a moment to take their eyes off of him, as he ran towards the fans from every part of the stage. The cameraman followed him backstage and filmed Rain taking off his shirt and changing in between song sets. He also held special event stages as a treat to fans. While he was changing backstage, he read a message from a fan about how he loved his girlfriend so much and wanted to show her how much she meant to him by giving her a special present during Rain’s concert. He picked them out of the crowd and had them come up on stage and sit on two chairs. The couple proposed on stage, and Rain also put on a romantic stage for one fangirl. He picked her from the audience and knelt down. The screams got louder as he sung "My Woman" and gave her a teddy bear and roses.

He sung "Bad Guy" and "Instead of Saying Goodbye" as encore songs and promised to work as hard as if he were a rookie. He concluded with, "I have 3 plans for 2011. I'm planning a retro style song and my movie is coming out. I'm thinking about the last one, but if time allows I'm going to put out a third thing. I won't become arrogant. I'm never going to forget how much stages make my heart beat."

Are you excited for Rain's new album and movie in 2011?

Source: IS Plus MSN

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