Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hottest Hustler Of The Day: Korean Cutie Rain

Cartier (14)

People are torn over what makes singer/actor Rain hot. Some say it's his killer dance moves. Others say it's his charming smile. And another set of fans say it's his rock solid abs? We're probably biased, but we definitely think it's his amazingly-chic style. The singer arrived at a Cartier jewelry fair in Switzerland last night wearing a sleek black tux, crisp white button-up shirt, gray and white striped tie, lace-up shoes, and a brown leather watch. We love how he oozes confidence, sex appeal, and all-around badass-ery (plus, he gets brownie points for winning a MTV Movie Award for his performance in Ninja Assassin!). What do you think?

+ Do you like Rain's cool and confident style?

Source: MTV
Credit: Ratoka's blog

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