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[Fan Account] 10-12-31 Adieu 2010 with Rain

This is a very personal impression and I just want to share it with all those who, like me, are concerned with the recent news. I hope this account will give you strength, as I feel our prince has given me so much strength in his 5 hours performance. Thank you for the various fan cams which helped me to re-capture the details, re-live the magical moments and feelings again and again. Photos credit was as tagged. I apologize if I miss out any credits as I could not find out the sources.

Song list and run down:

I am coming
Touch ya
Not a single day (1st show our prince took off his white shirt and tie. 2nd show he had his shirt and tie on)
How to avoid the sun (Our prince put on a fur collared leather jacket)
Only you
I like you again

(Camera followed our prince to his changing room)
I do
My girl
Love is
With you (Our prince had his black, long furry vest on)
Fresh woman
Hip song
Don’t stop
Love story

Love song
It’s raining

Encore songs: (Short video speech by our prince)
Bad guy
Instead of saying goodbye

There were two interval dances with laser effects, but I could not remember when they appeared.

Black, shiny, leather like jacket with white shirt and black tie, but with camouflage pants and boots. Rebellious, challenging, our prince filled me with expectations as he stood on the stage. And his soft, fluffy gold hair! (Too bad he had to appear at the JYPE Nation concert which revealed his new hair style, otherwise the impact would have been even greater!) He was tall and lean, his jaw lines even more angular and masculine but the fluffy hair gave him such a child like look. The sensation I had with our prince throughout the show was that he seemed to be charged with millions watts of energy and he spared none, discharging himself totally, passionately into his songs and his dances. He had re-choreographed some dances, he created a very cool and sensational “One”. His dances were wild, erotic and powerful. His vocal was rich and strong. Once he was on stage, he was the best and he was truly the King of the Stage. His intensity electrified the whole floor. There were many photos capturing these qualities. I had chosen a few but they could never describe properly the sensationWhat killed me most however were his innocent, cute and lovely smiles. They were so genuinely happy and sincere smiles that they melted my heart. He was full of emotion as he sang “Not A Single Day”, “Love Song” or other ballads, but every now and then he would give us his sweet, charming and sometimes mischievous grins. He could be 29, he could be 40, but time could never take away the beauty of a child deep in him. Here are a few:I had to say something about our prince’s hair style. He himself seemed quite conscious about it, deliberately or otherwise. He often used both hands to fluff it, and asked many times if we liked his hairdo. I liked it tremendously. To me, it’s the hair of the Lion King, and it’s the hair of Cupid Angel. And our prince was so naturally BOTH. You loved the masculine king in him and you loved even more the innocent angel in him. As he strode back and forth the stage with his soft, fluffy hair bouncing along (I nicknamed it puppy hair), he seemed such a kid to me - a confident, happy kid walking proudly in front of his family members, enjoying their applause because he had done so well to deserve their praise. Yes, I liked your hair, prince!After “I Like You Again” the camera followed our prince back stage. Here I couldn’t help smiling again seeing our prince being changed, like a 3 year old. He put out his hand as a grey tee was pulled over him. He then told the camera man he had to change his pants and pulled the camera away. When he came back to the stage the whole floor laughed. Our prince, noting that, challenged us that it was great fashion (my interpretation), and he made his point loud and clear!Our prince read a letter. It was from a man asking help to declare love to his girl friend, so our prince invited the couple to get on stage. As usual, the couple had to kiss each other whenever our prince sang the words “I Do”. It was quite clear that the two women were fascinated by our prince. In the second show, our prince playfully tried to stick his face between the couple as he sang the words “I Do”, and he got quickly kissed by the woman on his cheek. Who wouldn’t take this opportunity of their lives to do so? Our prince was slightly embarrassed and he mumbled something to the man. He spoke quite a lot during the shows (compared to other concerts, too bad I couldn’t understand much), and he often sent us screaming and laughing with his cute and lovable gestures.There were a lot of fan cams on “My Girl”, especially on the second show. I had such mixed feelings as I watched and I cried. It was sweet, it was warm and touching, but I also felt slightly sad, especially when our prince asked, albeit jokingly, if it was OK that he got married.

How blessed could you feel when you had our prince as your dance instructor? He taught us some moves and invited us as his chorus for “With You”. I was hypnotized, following him as he said “right, left, right 2 times..” My eyes were too glued to our prince I could hardly differentiate which was my right and which was my left hand, and I kept hitting my neighbor. There were many interactions between prince and fans. He covered all areas of the stage to let as many of us as possible to have a good view of him. He even stood on the edges on the second level to let fans touch his hands. He asked fans on the second and third levels to leave their seats, but bowing and asking “mothers” and seniors to remain seated. He checked our age groups again, beaming with joy to see so many young fans and bowing respectfully calling the more mature fans “mothers”. Fan service? I didn’t feel that way. He had always treated us as his family. We are a wild gang, Santoki!I watched “Love Story” live many times, and it never failed to touch me deeply. But I had a new sensation this time. Towards the end of the song our prince was surrounded by white smoke with air blowing. Sounded like “Familiar Face”? No, it gave me a totally different feeling and image. He raised one hand, his fluffy air all blown up, he was like an angel rising to the sky, even though he was disappearing down the stage. It was so symbolic and it was poetry to meAnother symbolic image to me was when our prince finished singing his passionate, signature rain pouring scene “Nan”. He stood with his back towards us, we were watching him, he turned and a leather jacket hung down slowly from the ceiling. It was right in the centre of the stage, the same leather jacket that our prince wore when he performed at the Asia Games Closing Ceremony. He put it on and performed “Rainism”. I felt so proud, I felt the pride and I felt the meaning. I felt it even more when he took it off and performed “It’s Raining”. I felt it, dear Prince. You are not the hungry, starving tiger anymore. You have already transformed yourself to a beautiful, magnificent King of the stage, but you maintained your purest heart of an angel deep within. You will rise above all those who try to bring you down, and you will triumph at the end.Encore.

I could feel our prince was satisfied with his shows, and for a demanding person like him this meant he must have put in more than 120% effort. I enjoyed watching him feeling good and proud, and I smiled looking at these photos again. I felt great and proud of our prince too.Baegka appeared at the end of the second show and performed “Instead of Saying Goodbye” together with our prince. Great show, great friends, great audience, and our prince did not want the party to end. He bowed a couple of times, but afterwards he pushed his dancers to perform again. He was clearly quite surprised when the music stopped. He turned back to check and saw the big screen showing messages from fans all over the world. He gestured everyone to sit down on the stage and watched quietly. This was probably the only part of the show not planned by him, and it brought out the greatest personality and beauty of our prince. After watching the clip, he gave the humblest, highest, most respectful bows to the four sides of his fans. No words could describe how touched I was at that moment and tears ran down my cheeks uncontrollably. Again, dear prince, I felt it all, and I am truly grateful for all you do for your fans. You have brought so much happiness into our lives so please allow me to pay the highest tribute to you too, in my heart.Bidding adieu to 2010 and ushering in 2011 together with our prince had very special meaning to him and to us fans. I could understand how our prince looks forward to saying goodbye to his 29, and welcoming his 30. Dear Jihoon, thank you for giving us such wonderful times. We all grow a year older, and hopefully wiser. And I know, because you have told us, that you will rise above all difficulties or uncertainties. Your clouds will be with you, always!

Our prince telling us he was anxiously waiting for 2011:
Credit: huhuhuhu@raincloudhk

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