Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rain cried, trying to stop himself from bursting into tears by the news that Baegka had been stricken with a brain tumor


Baegka, one of pop group Coyote's members, made a surprise appearance on SBS TV's show program 'Strong Heart' aired on the afternoon of the 28th.

Baegka said, "There is one I want to thank the most. It's Rain who is my best friend."

Continuing, "Rain was on a concert tour abroad as news came that I had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Yet he called at my home. As you know, he is strong enough not to even raise his eyebrow at most things, but he cried his eyes out, covering his mouth with his hand to stop himself from bursting into tears in hope I would always keep a good heart. I had never seen him crying so hard since he cried a lot 8 years ago when he told me about his passed mother.

Then, Rain told me, 'I have a sort of feeling that something good will happen to you. I'm sure the surgical operation will result in success.' His words were great encouragement to me"

Source: Sports Today
English translation by rain

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