Thursday, December 02, 2010

The plot summary of the 19th EP of 'The Fugitive Plan B' [KBS official website]

19부 :: 12월 2일 목요일 밤 9시 55분

정계은퇴를 약속했던 양영준은 후보출마를 선언하며 마각을 드러낸다.
괴한들에게 습격 중 당한 부상으로 병원으로 호송되어 반격의 기회를 노리는 지우와 진이.

양두희가 증발하고 양두희의 라인들이 하나둘씩 정리되는 가운데 카이는 저격에서 살아남은 황미진과 마주해 새로운 거래를 제안받는다.

도수와 소란은 양영준이 부순 녹음기 속 내용을 일부 복원하고 황미진을 빼돌린 수행비서를 찾아내는데...

The 19th :: On Thursday, December 2nd, at 9:55pm.

'Yang Young Joon' ('Yang Du Hee''s son) who promised that he would retire from politics, shows the cloven hoof, announcing his candidacy in the coming presidential election.

'Ji Woo'(Rain) and 'Jinny' injured by aggressors, are sent to the hospital, but the two are looking for a chance to counterattack.

While 'Yang Du Hee' (old man) has disappeared all at once and his closest aides have been extirpated one by one, Kai (Daniel Henney) faces 'Howang Mi Jin' (Yun Son Ha) who is the survivor of the enemy sniper fires, receiving a new offer from her.

'Do Soo' (Lee Jung Jin) and 'So Ran' (Yun Jin Seo) restore some of the erased part of the recording smashed by 'Yang Yougn Joon', and find Yang Yougn Joon's personal staff who has given shelter to 'Howang Mi Jin' after rescuing her.

Source: KBS
English translation credit: rain

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