Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rain's talking (1) at the 2010 Lotte Family Concert on November 27th

Good evening everybody.
Your voice is too small.
Good evening!

Are you fine?
I think I haven't seen you in years.

I've been shooting drama 'The Fugitive Plan B' so far.
I really want to thank you for loving the drama a lot, and I think it will take me a couple more days to finish this up. I think I have to roll my hoop after that.

Finally, this year marks the 30th anniversary of Lotte Duty Free Shop.
My heart congratulations!

I always find that there're many people here I've never met whenever I take part in this concert every year.
Through this concert, there seems to have been so many people to meet.
Are you going to come to this concert in the years ahead ?
Aren't you going to come here?
Raise your hands, those audiences who think they can come.
Thank you.

(You are so sexy!)
Do you think I am sexy?
I know it already.
As you know, I'm nothing if I'm not sexy.

Pardon me?
(You are so handsome!)
Is there any towel here I can use?
Please give me a towel.
I sweat a lot.

The design on this towel looks so childish.
Just a moment!

I'm sorry.
I think there is no choice but to do a lot of pretending as a child as I get older.

Now, let me sing my next song, Harudo (Not A Single Day)

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Brief translation credit: rain

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