Friday, November 26, 2010

[Notice] Rain Imposter's on Facebook

Hello dear Clouds! There is an "EVENT" going on @ Facebook that says "Meet Rain on Facebook" at 8pm kst tonight, PLEASE do not attend or RSVP to this event. This is NOT Rain. By joining, following, and attending such things only fuels these people to keep going on with their deception. Following the same trend as the fake twitters, now there are fake Rain's popping up all over Facebook. The ONLY real account on any Social Network that is Rain is his Twitter account

Please Note: Rain is @ the Lotte Family Concert at this time, so he cannot possibly be online chatting with people on Facebook.

Hopefully in time, these fake accounts on both Twitter & Facebook will be closed down, in the meantime, please be cautious!

Credit: sixtofive1982

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