Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rain's tough and wild kiss-pose makes 'Lee Na Young' leap up in 'The Fugitive Plan B'

In 'The Fugitive Plan B', the scene of Rain's kiss-pose that is suggestive of 'Clark Gable' of "Gone with the Wind" fame, moved women's hearts.

The drama last 14th showed that Jinny's heart seemed to warm toward 'Ji Woo' (Rain), which suggested that love was blossoming between the two.

In the episode, Ji Woo's actions definitely stood out, where he caught Mijin (Yun Son Ha), one of members for 'Megideck', using loan sharks who threatened 'Jang Sa Boo' (Gong Hyung Jin) to pay off debts, and then he rescued Jinny who was at danger.

But Jinny (Lee Na Young) who was furious at the fact that 'Ji Woo' used her twice as bait to trap Mijin, icily said to 'Ji Woo' brimming with confidence, "Your self-confidence can kill me" Then, 'Ji Woo' retorted, "What can kill you is your fear, not my self-confidence."

At the moment, when Jinny was about to slap on 'Ji Woo's face as usual, he effortlessly prevented this attack and astonished her by making a gesture as if to embrace her without advance notice, assuming a pose that is suggestive of one famous scene in movie “Gone with the Wind” in which 'Clark Gable' kisses 'Vivien Leigh'.

'Ji Woo' looked Jinny straight in the face when she was speechless with surprise when he looked at her with eyes full of meaning, saying "I think the investigation of the incident is our priority now. As a matter of fact, the first thing you should do is to be in my arms."

The situation had an added piquancy since Ji Woo's unexpected racy and tough attack left her in turmoil, which could spark their romance.

As the drama progresses the tension builds, as 'Ji Woo' and 'Kai' strike sparks off each other over Jinny, while the viewers are very nervous about what Kai (Daniel Henney), Jinny's lover, seems to be going to align himself with 'Megideck' in the episode.

There is much attention towards the development of the story line with Kai's significant step, including a love affair between 'Ji Woo' and Jinny'.

Source: TV Edaily
Brief translation credit: rain

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