Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rain @ The Fugitive Plan B Set in Publishing Complex, Korea's Pajoo city

도망자 촬영현장

2010/10/16 10:33

아 오늘 아침 출근하는데 출판단지 저희 회사 앞에서 도망자 촬영을 하네요. 지금도 여전히 촬영중.... 월드스타 비가 와있네요. 사진 찍지 말래서 사무실에 숨어서 몰래 찍기~

흰색 런닝 입은 사람이 비 입니다. 잘 안보이시죠? 그리고 마지막 사진은 비를 위해 몰려든 일본 아줌마 팬들이라는데 놀랍지 않으세요? 출판단지까지 비 촬영을 보기 위해 일본에서 왔다니....대단하네요.~ 똑같은 장면을 여러각도에서 찍느라 계속 반복해서 촬영하는데 오늘은 날씨도 따뜻하니 런닝만 입어도 안춥겠네요~ 아~ 오늘은 일이 손에 안잡히는데요?ㅎㅎㅎ

Arriving at work this morning, I saw 'The Fugitive Plan B' being filmed in front of our office in Publishing Complex. They are still shooting it..World star Rain is there. They asked us not to take pictures, so I sneaked shots in our office.~

In the pictures, Rain is the one in the white tank top..You can't see well?

Isn't it amazing that in the last shot, a mass of Rain's middle aged Japanese women fans are there to see him?

It's really amazing to me that they have come from a distant place such as Japan to only see Rain shooting the drama.~

While there have been so many retakes, I think he does not feel very cold even if he may have to wear a tank top the whole time he is there, because the weather is warm for the time of year.~

Ah~ I can't seem to get anything done? ㅎㅎㅎ

Picture from: B4@DC
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Brief translation credit: rain

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