Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[Fan account] Asia Song Festival

For all of us who love and support our prince, this is a fan account that you all have a part in!

I will first account the on stage part which you must all have enjoyed from the various fan cams.

The concert was divided into sessions and our prince was supposed to perform at the 2nd session. However he had shooting during the day quite far away from Seoul and was delayed by the bad traffic. (May be this was the reason why he didn't have much time to thoroughly test his microphone.) He was therefore the second last to perform.

The MCs announced our prince's name. The two big screens on the left and right side of the stage showed clips of his previous albums, and stopped at Back to the Basic. On the center stage screen a big word "RAIN" appeared, and our prince came out to perform Rainism. The mic wasn’t working properly so our prince's voice was a bit weak in the vast concert hall. I knew some clouds sitting further behind were worried if he had lost his voice or suffered from illness due to the busy drama shooting.

Our prince talked a bit and then performed Love Song. He is truly King of the Stage as he totally commanded both the stage and the audience (and the only one who could do that, at least from what I saw that night). He asked us to sing his Love Song lines, and we sang loudly. He pulled up his tee a bit to let us have a peek at his abs, and we screamed wildly. He quickly pulled his tee down and teased us with his lovely smile, and we all laughed merrily. The mic might not be working properly but it did not affect our prince outstanding performance at all.

He then performed Hip Song and one dancer handed him a wireless mic. It was definitely the highlight of the evening as loud cheers and screams filled the stadium. After 3 songs, our prince gave us a kiss, bowed and disappeared back stage. We heard that he had to continue the drama shooting somewhere in Seoul...

Now the off stage account that all RAIN supporters have a part in!

When we knew that our prince decided to perform at the Asia Song Festival, which would be his first stage performance after the news of the lawsuit came out, we wanted to take the opportunity to do something. We wanted to show to the media, and more importantly, to let our prince know that his clouds always love and support him. False accusation will not affect our prince and our love for him.

If we had known earlier that our prince would attend the concert, we might be able to follow on our donation project to do something together with UNICEF (who is a sponsor of the Asia Song Festival), some kind of "buy a rose for UNICEF" or "we believe in TRUTH and LOVE" campaign. But time was too short for us to organize this.

So at the end we decided we would give two large bouquets of flowers to our prince at the concert. We were aware that this may not have much news value, but we have two very meaningful bouquets of flowers for our prince:

99 red roses from Korean clouds
99 pink roses from World clouds

We checked with J Tune and got their agreement. Ideally the flowers would be presented to our prince immediately after his performance, but J Tune did warn us it would depend on the circumstances on that day. We were sitting quite far away but the security staff were nice enough to allow us to move up and sit on the floor (as front row seats were full) when our prince was about to perform.

I won't go into details. We got a message that it was difficult to give the flowers to our prince on stage. (It was not his show, none of the guests or government officials who opened the event got any flowers). We understood the difficulty and sensitivity.

But our prince’s manager waited for us at the end of the concert to take the flowers. He thanked and bowed to us and promised he would deliver the roses to our prince.

We wrote a note to our prince to tell him that:

99 red roses from Korean clouds
Red roses are for passionate love. He is the LOVE of Korea

99 pink roses from world clouds
Pink roses are for appreciation and gratitude. He brings great happiness to the world. We appreciate this and we are very grateful to him

99+99 = 198 We will love and support him forever and ever.

For those of you who could not be there at the concert, your love and support are in the flowers and I am sure our prince appreciates that. I am sure he gets the flowers and feels our love and support.

Source & Credit: huhuhuhu@rain-cloud.com

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