Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Fugitive Plan B EP 9 Making (KBS official website)

Watch the clip here.

촬영전 감독님과 함께하는 리허설.이나영의 분노를 끌어내기 위해 지우지훈은 조언을 아끼지 않는데요.

그.런.데.지우지훈의 조언이 "큰" 웃음을 불러오고 말았습니다!

한번 터진 웃음은 전염병처럼 퍼지기 시작해 마침내, 제리커플은 터지는 웃음에 대사를 잇지 못하고,촬영감독님은 촬영을 중단하고 자신의 뺨을 때리는 초강수를 두기까지 합니다.

Jinny's words (Lee Na Young): What a coward! What the hell are you doing?

During the rehearsal between the cast with the camera director before shooting, Rain spared no pains to tell 'Lee Na Young' to express her anger.

But, Rain's witty advice set the people roaring with laughter!

With a ripple of laughter, Rain and 'Lee Na Young' were not able to continue to speak the words of the play.

So the camera director had to stop shooting for a while, even slapping on his own face as a last resort.

Video credit: runawaydrama@youtube.com
Eng.trans. credit: rain bird@rain-eu.com

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