Monday, June 07, 2010

Rain wins the Biggest Badass Star at 2010 MTV Movie Awards

The Biggest Badass Star's Prize at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards has gone to Rain.

Rain's real performances in Ninja Assassin as a ninja seeking revenge for the murder of his friend has made him the first Korean to win the Biggest Badass Star honors in the history of MTV Movie Awards.

Rain stated his feelings about having received the award, speaking fluent English at the live awards ceremony held in LA's 'Gibson Amphitheatre', USA. on the 6th, at 9pm.

Rain has won the award in the face of stiff competition among 4 candidates such as 'Angelina Jolie', 'Channing Tatum', 'Christ Pine', and Samuel Worthington' except him.

As he has won the award, he's come to emerge as a next bona fide star in hollywood. Not only has Rain been privately honored with the award, but he's had the honor of contributing greatly to the development of Korea's movie industry.

Rain's agent expressed, "We're so proud of Rain who has let the whole world know his name again. He says that he will work harder, sending a big thank you to all his fans for their support."

His arrival time at Inchon Airport is 5:00pm on the 8th.

Source: Money Today's Star news, Newsen, Daily Sports, Osen, Newsen, Edaily,, Star news & Newsen
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