Monday, June 07, 2010

[Fan Acct] After the MTV Movie Award

I can't explain the feeling! Tonight is an unforgetable night!
He shown on USA channel, I can see Rain LIVE through my TV at home
But, at the same time, I think he just found another goal in his life.

He has to be a REAL STAR in Hollywood. He needs to get a postion in Hollywood
The moment when he received the award, not many people clapping their hands.
Nobody stood up for him to celebrate with him.

He clapped his own hands...he looked so lonely! (I screamed with you!)
But, Rain, my Ji Hoon, that's ok, Don't worry! this is only a beginning. You need work harder making all these people to know you.

I couldn't remember what he said exactly on the stage.
He tried to make joke with audiences...said something like I will work out harder
Probably when he didn't see much feedback. Then he said "why you guys so serious"
Well, it doesn't matter what he said.
Not a matter if he said something right or wrong. I don't care the content.

This is a nice beginning. JI HOON, remember these people tonight.
They will regret not giving you a great welcome and appreciation!


-- from Cuckoo@New York
Source: Rain-Legend

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