Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rain perfectly gets set to team with actress 'Lee Na-Young' in the first scene of KBS TV's new drama Runaway (Fugitive)

'Rain''Lee Na -Young'

Top star Rain perfectly got set to team with actress 'Lee Na-Young' in the first scene of KBS 2TV's new drama.

Runaway (Fugitive) which claims to support a new genre which is romantic-comic-detective actiondriven.

As they cast Rain, who is already recognized as an emerging star in hollywood, as the lead charcter in the drama, it has garnered a lot of attention at home and abroad.

According to the drama production, "Its first scene was shot in a temple inside of Seoul from the afternoon of the 16th by the next morning. The shooting was conducted in absolute secrecy in order to allow these two to find a more focus only in acting."

In the scene of the drama, her character called 'Jiny' appealing to man because of her image of purity & innocent, and giving a suggestive look, showed a mysterious allure, wearing a black dress with long way hair.

Rain's character called 'Jiwoo', a happy-go-lucky man with his cheerful disposition, who is involved in a case the police have not yet solved, looked chic wearing a suit with a gloss. Inevitably, Rain was praised of his acting style and as being a fashionista.

Meanwhile, 'Runaway' which will be aired at the end of September, is to be be shot on location abroad, in cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Shanghai, Beijing, Macao, Hong Kong, etc. around Asia including Thailand, Philippine, as well as in Korea's Seoul and Busan.

Source: Daily Economy, Asia Economy
Brief translation credit: rain

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