Friday, June 18, 2010

Old CF featuring Rain and f(x)'s Victoria becomes a hot topic

A blast from the past, a CF from a few years ago featuring star Bi / Rain and f(x)'s leader Victoria together has been dug up again and has become a trending topic in Korea.

On an internet portal community site, a thread entitled 'A time when Rain and Victoria filmed a CF together' was uploaded along with the actual past CF.

What was the CF for? It was for the 2008 China Samsung Anycall where Bi and Victoria suddenly break out into a dance and flaunt each of their merits to one another. Trust me, if you combine Victoria's dancing flexibility and Rain’s dancing expertise, that's a pretty hot combination.

Netizens commented, "Back then and now, Rain still looks cool. It's fun to watch their awesome collaboration", "Victoria looks so pretty and it's nice to watch her dancing skills."

Check it out for yourselves

Source: Allkpop

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