Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Rain came with his father and his sister to buy his family rings, not with Jeon Ji-Hyun'." Jewelry store assistant testified

It was reported by Daily Sports Seoul last 10th that Rain's ring and actress 'Jeon Ji-Hyun's bracelet mean a pledge of their love, but the jewelry store assistant who had sold his ring testified through MBC TV's entertainment program aired on June 11th, "Rain came with his father and his sister around December of last year and bought the three's family rings. It is obvious that his ring is one of his family rings."

Also, according to 'Jeon Ji-Hyun', her bracelet does not regard Rain at all, and it is just a rubber band which is used to tie her hair back.

Meanwhile, in an official press report last 10th, Rain's agent J.Tune Entertainment stated their official position on the issue of his romance with actress 'Jeon Ji-Hyun' reported by Daily Sports Seoul, "The report is never true."

"It is true that Rain has known actress 'Jeon Ji-Hyun' on whether to appear in a drama with her, but the report by the newspaper that a person of considerable wealth introduced her to him, is nowhere near the truth.

About what he had been in and out an apartment complex called 'I Park' where she lives, he just visited the apartment because that is where his acquaintance lives.

The photographs presented as evidence by the newspaper were composites of different pictures put together. The newspaper's reports about his ring which is a pledge of his family's love, were a distortion of the facts, so he's so sore."

Expressing regret for the newspaper (Daily Sports Seoul) that reported falsely, "It's too bad, because his privacy was completely invaded by reason of a celebrity, so we are considering taking legal action against the newspaper."

Source: Newsen
Brief translation credit: rain

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