Saturday, June 05, 2010

MBLAQ, "Rain sunbae* is a big mountain that we have to overcome and goal"

"Rain sunbae is one mountain that we have to cross over sometime"

-Lee Joon has heard that he looks a lot like Rain ever since he debuted as Rain's younger version. Same goes for 2PM's Junho but who do you think is more similar.

(Seungho) I think Junho has more resemblance. As for Joon his stage manner is similar to Rain sunbae's. When you take a picture and see it the flowing charms are kind of similar. Although the features are different.

-It is known that until he succeeds that Rain will stay away from dating is MBLAQ also like that.

(Seungho) Boss does not let us not date. However because if all of the members fell into something we won't be able to come out so naturally I think we moderate it. Although I don't know about later as of now seeing that we haven't even got first place yet I don't want to focus on something else.

-What kind of existence is Rain to MBLAQ.

(GO) He is a goal. He is a mountain that we have to overcome yet he is also a road that we have to follow. All guy singers have the same goal. There would be no other course that male singers want to go as much as going as far as Rain sunbae has.

-A lot of idol groups are advancing overseas these days. MBLAQ have any plans.

(Seungho) Although advancing oversees is not something officially confirmed after we get acknowledged in our own land we want to succeed overseas. If we're safely at the number one spot within the country then I want to advance overseas.
(GO) If we do get to go Japan is nice. Japan is one of the biggest music markets and I think it would help to cross across to the American markets.

*sunbae = senior
**ahjussi = old man

Source: Star News
Translation: mir-ified @ AbsoluteMBLAQ
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