Thursday, June 24, 2010

[Fan Account] Rain Loves Tour Zepp Tokyo

Post concert speech to our prince:

"Wow, it's amazing. Appreciated.
You told us, that it will be like dating with your fans, so I have been figuring out...

Why are you so splendid?!..."

I was just too overwhelmed to be able to thank our prince properly for his magnificent performance. I am trying my best to recap the two nights – may have mixed the sequence about the talk part....

Song List:

It's Raining
Shake Hands
How to Avoid the Sun
September 12
You Know
(change clothes)

Sad Tango (Japanese)
Touch Ya
My Girl
Love Is
In my Bed
(change clothes)

Hip Song
With You
Fresh Woman
Free Way (Japanese)
(change clothes)

Love Song (Japanese)
To You

Back to the Basic message from Rain video
Encore: Instead of Saying Goodbye, dance

Zepp hall was not very big, with a simple 2 level stage. There were some seats on the second level, but most of us were standing crowded against each other on the floor. A whole floor of sardines.

When the curtain rose, and the music for Rainism started, two dancers jumped up high on the high stage on both sides. Then our prince jumped up even higher in the centre. Grey suit with brown collars and sleeves, with black V neck tee underneath. The trousers were to his knees with brown leather straps around the waist and the legs. Black boots. Shiny and silky hair. Had you ever felt struck by someone so beautiful suddenly appearing in front of you? That’s exactly what I felt the moment our prince stood on the stage and performed Rainism, followed by It's Raining.

He was already sweating profusely after the 2 songs, so he took a towel to dry a bit, and asked us if he was handsome. He was super handsome and he knew it!

He then performed 4 slow ballads – Shake Hands, How to Avoid the Sun, September 12 and You Know. Wonderful vocal. Even without the Otto wave dance, our prince caught and captured the whole floor of sardines with his magical voice alone!

The lights dimmed, the curtain dropped. We saw his enlarged silhouette. Our prince probably told us he needed to change (he spoke in Korean, so I had to guess). And he took off his tee right in front of us. Even though it was just his silhouette, it made the floor scream. He pulled down his pants a bit, tried to unbuckle his belt. When we roared he said something and quickly walked backstage to change.

When our prince came out with the music of Sad Tango, I was totally dazed by his gorgeous look. He wore a black sleeveless jacket and black trousers, with a black semi-beanie. He was unbelievably handsome and the outfit, the dance moves and the song matched so well. After Touch Ya was the highlight of the evening. Our prince took out a video camera, took a few clips of himself (grinning and admiring his own looks at the screen), then zoomed around the floor. I raised my light board. He saw it, and said "Ar, Hong Kong"!!

What I was going to describe had no intention of any disrespect. In fact it was the contrary – because she was indeed extremely cute and that's why our prince chose her! Our prince's camera stopped at a chubby lady who wore a pair of sparkling red puppy ears on her hair. She's "nodding" her head and her hands happily, half closing her eyes. She's like a happy puppy seeing its owner, so happy that she couldn't help nodding and nodding. The owner, our prince, clearly found this amusing, so after he zoomed around other areas he got back to her again. She's still nodding happily with her head and her hands. Our prince zoomed around again, and got back to her, and she’s doing exactly the same thing. So our prince invited her to go up to the stage!!!!!

And the dating began. Our prince held her hands and took her up the stairs to the high stage. On there was a round table with 2 chairs. A bouquet of flowers and a big teddy soft toy were on the table. The gentle prince showed his lady to her seat, put his arm across her shoulder, with his other hand holding the camera, and started to sing My Girl. He knelt down on his knees to present her with the flowers, gave her the toy. He looked at her when he sang the words "you are my girl". He arched his hand on his head and asked the lady to arch hers too to make a love sign. When the song was over, he gave her a big hug, took out the video clip and gave it to her.

That was the first night.

The second night he said he would choose a younger girl. (We knew our prince had a wide range for age right?!) The lucky girl this time was a 21 year old student. She had to be "dug out" from the floor of sardines by the security manager who literally carried her over the fence to get to the stage. She had a small bouquet of flowers with her as our prince held her hand and took her up the stage. So our prince dated his second girl again.

At the end of the date, the girl gave our prince the flowers and told him it was from her friend on the floor (my guess). Our prince waved to that lady with the flowers and sent his date down the stage.

When he was ready to sing his next song Love Is, he casually threw the flower on the floor. This was such a natural movement, like he always took off his hat, or his jacket and threw them on the floor. Except this time it was the flowers. He realized immediately what he had done, even if we hadn’t laughed at his action. He gave an embarrassing smile and said (my guess again) "I'm going to look after it afterwards"
More laughs. He gave his cute smile again and picked up the flowers and stuck it in his chest under his sleeveless tee. After he did so he gave a question mark OK signal to the fan and paid great attention to the flowers as he sang the song. Remember our prince said in one variety show that he had many ideas to spoil his girl friend? Who wouldn't be spoiled by what he did?!

There were many other prince charms. Fans holding out bottles of water. He took one, had a sip, and returned it back to the fan. He's sweating. Someone held out a towel. He took it, wiped his face, and gave it back to the fan.

He liked to tease with us too. He said something. The floor responded. He gave a pretended scornful twitch with his mouth. We laughed. He pretended to be scornful, then he broke out into the sweetest, cutest smile.

Our prince then sang In my Bed before he went back stage again to change his clothes.

Part 2 will follow


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