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[Fan Account] Love Tour Zepp Fukuoka 25 June 2010

Fukuoka started to rain early in the morning of 25 June. My friends and I smiled. A good omen - our prince brought rain wherever he went for a concert. This promised to be a great night!

When we arrived at Zepp Fukuoka, my Japanese friend told me that our prince had just been there. He was in one of the shops. He bought an umbrella too because of the rain! Then he got back to the hotel right next to Zepp Fukuoka.

I went into a shop to look for a pair of high heel shoes, because every inch counted in this concert if you wanted to have a better glimpse of our prince on stage. I didn’t know how the conversation started, but the salesman mentioned about concert, and I told him that indeed I was here for a concert. Immediately his eyes brightened and said loudly “Rain!” When I told him yes I was here for Rain’s concert, he was so happy that he gave me a high five! It was such a nice feeling when you knew that people around all knew about our prince, and they seemed to like him genuinely. He then told me that Rain was at their shop earlier on. He looked so proud about this and we had another high five again.

Crowds started to form outside the concert hall around 4 pm. A sea of colourful umbrellas this time. Everyone was wet as water dripped from umbrella tips into our clothes, bags and shoes. To us, this was the least thing to worry about, my friends and I had to work out back and forth our strategy – where we should stand so that we could avoid being too much of a sardine again tonight, and to allow ourselves a better view of our prince.

And our strategy worked extremely well tonight! We gave up the central view and stood to the left side of the stage. Though we were blocked by a column and could not see our prince when he walked down the stairs from the high stage, throughout the night we had very close, very clear view of ALL his movements. We even had space to dance and to jump.

After Rainism and It’s Raining our prince told us that he caught cold and had a flu. He apologized that he may not be able to sing his songs well. Indeed our prince seemed to have a blocked nose, and he sneezed quite often during the show. But his apology proved to be modesty, because he delivered a great performance as ever despite the flu.

Choosing his girl for My Girl was much shorter tonight, probably our prince already knew whom he wanted to date. He panned his camera across the hall. I held up my light board. He zoomed at it and said “Hong Kong”. Made my day!

He then zoomed to a middle aged lady who had a Korean national flag painting on her face. She tried to avoid the camera. Our prince encouraged her to show her face and asked for her name and age. It turned out that she’s from Korea. Our prince then asked the audience that since today was his birthday, if he could choose a Korean lady to come up the stage! (I learned this from my Japanese friend who tried to explain to me in Korean. My Korean is not good so I may have misunderstood what she meant. Please read this as a story and not a factual report.) The lady seemed choked with emotion. Our prince was very nice, very gentle to her and this melted her nervousness. She finally smiled. Of the three dates so far, I found this one most touching.

Our prince talked more tonight than in the second Zepp Tokyo concert. I might have the order mixed up so again please bear with me. Even without any translation I knew the part about the 10s, 20s, 30s, etc. statistics. But tonight it seemed there was a very young kid, and we all knew how fond of kids our prince was. So he talked to him and said “You are cute. I love you”. He also challenged some fans about their age against their appearance!

Prince Rain tried to count the various Love Tours and he missed Nagoya. When some fans told him about this, he pretended to challenge the fans and asked why he had to go to Nagoya (my guess. I hope someone could tell us exactly what he said. He did mention “why”, he did mention “Nagoya” a couple of times. Such was the pain when you didn’t know the language…) Indeed from my Japanese friend our prince did talk about language and said he is studying hard the English language, so we should also study hard Korean!

I would skip details of the performance because the run down was the same as the previous concerts. A number of times our prince stood in front of us and sang. Sweat drops falling from his face, his bare arms were shiny with sweat. I could see his features very clearly. I did not have enough adjectives to describe his charm, his charisma, his talent. He took my breath away when he sat down on the stage right in front of us and sang.

In between the performance a fan threw a towel onto the stage. Our prince picked it up. It was a souvenir towel for his first Rainy Day concert. Our prince appreciated it and thanked the fan. I couldn’t remember now if he wiped his face with it (which was the intention of the fan who threw it to the stage) before he threw it back. He did throw a black towel and a few bottles of water. Someone quite far away asked for a bottle as well. Our prince looked, asked her to make sure she could catch it and then he threw it quite hard towards her direction. Good pitching, good catching.

After our prince sang his last song To You, the curtain dropped. We started to sing Happy Birthday. Then the curtain rose and a huge cake was brought to the centre of the stage. Our prince thanked us and took a big mouthful of the cake. A dancer wanted to have a share and he guarded his treasure against this invader. Then suddenly and swift as a ninja he took some cake and rubbed them onto the dancer’s face. Cake war!

Prince Rain chased around several dancers to smudge their faces with cakes. Then he became a target too. The worst was when a few dancers teamed up and held the cake towards him and push his head right into the cake. When he emerged our poor prince had become Mr. White, with creams all over his hair, eyes and face. He looked for a towel and seemed quite helpless because he couldn’t see. Someone gave him a towel, but it probably was very cake smelly and he asked for a new one. The amusing thing to me was that during the cake fight, our prince still managed to eat some cake as he looked for victims. When I saw him taking a big mouthful of the cake before chasing his target, I was totally convinced that eating was indeed very important to our prince.

But our prince was also generous. After he had a good taste of the cake, he held it and walked down the stage and offered it to the fans. Everyone rushed forward, the tsunami came again. One friend had some messy cream on her hand and was still licking her fingers as we walked out the concert hall afterwards. Another friend got a tiny piece no bigger than a finger nail passed to her by the Japanese fan in front. She showed to me happily.

When our prince walked back up the stage he had on his hair a hair band with a small birthday cake on the side. This was given to him by a friend. He looked so cute and he looked like a small kid. I wanted to challenge his age and his appearance too! How could he look so young, so refreshing just like he was 8 years ago! Fresh Man indeed!

Then our prince and Baegka sang Instead of Saying Goodbye. Baegka was a perfect rapper for our prince. They performed the best duet. It was obvious both were in high spirit. Baegka performed a somersault even on the creamy floor and we gave him big cheers. Our prince probably wouldn’t want to be left behind so he performed a piece too. Of course we gave him even louder cheers. Instead of saying goodbye, we danced and smiled as our prince blew us a big kiss and disappeared.

Fukuoka was still raining the next day. I guessed many parts of Japan will remain raining for a while.

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Love Tour Zepp Fukuoka 25 June 2010
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