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SBS 'Cultwoshow' English Translation

MC: Welcome our smart guest World Star Rain!

Rain: Here I am finally!

MC: Please say hi to our audience

Rain: Hi, everyone! Very pleased to see you all! It has been a long while!

MC: We heard that Time announced their 100 name list today. Congratualtions to be shortlisted as Time 100 finalists again

Rain: Thanks

MC: You are one remarkable friend!

Rain: I really did my best. Thanks to the fans who keep voting, I was able to be on the shortlist. Of course there is the final review by the panelist. I heard that Kin Yuna is also short listed. I have been there once, and I have been wondering if Kim Yuna will also go!

MC: Both of you are on the Time 100 short list.

Rain: When the result is out, Time Magazine will assemble all the finalists for the award, as well as a celebration party.

MC: If we were there probably we couldn't even say a word.

Rain: Why? Why can't you say anything?

MC: Because of the language barrier – we don't understand English (laugh)

Rain: I wasn't very familiar with the language then, so I just stayed there quietly.

MC: You have just released a new album, right?

Rain: Yes, so please help me! I need everybody's help this time! Has everyone bought my new album? (all the audience replied YES).

MC: Today is our program's 4th anniversary. We also heard this is your 8th debut anniversary.

Rain: Correct, so this is my birthday too – 28 April.

MC: Wow, congratulations. (Clap hands) Because of your hard work, you let people all over the world know the country "Korea".

MC: Your shoulders seem even broader then before.

Rain: Really? Actually I was quite thin during the movie shooting. Also it is not very good to have too many muscles when you dance, so I reduce some fat.

MC: We understand that when you released your 2nd album, taking off your clothes was something impossible at that time. But Rain said nothing, just tore your clothes during the live show, and you continue to do so until now. This looks very smart.

Rain: Yes. In 2002, when I did my dance choreography, I tore off my clothes. At that time the industry was still quite conservative, especially for male singers. Therefore they even ordered to ban my performance. The result was, after one week's time there was a phone call, telling me that the view rate had increased 300%

MC: The moment you tore off your clothes?

Rain: Yes, so the TV station telephoned and said please continue to tear off your clothes!

(The two MC said they both watched Ninja Assassin. They liked it very much, it was very interesting. Before playing "Love Song" they talked to Rain about it)

MC: We heard that you compose the music and the lyrics yourself?

Rain: Yes, I did it all by myself. After I tried "Rainism", I discovered that I got quite a lot of royalty fees (laugh). So I wrote "Love Song" afterwards. This song is actually "Royalty Song" (He really likes to joke)

MC: It's great to see such a true side of you. We like this better than those wearing a mask.

Rain: "Love Song" is one of the songs in my special album. The next one is "Hip Song". Please support it too!

MC: You will continue your activities in Korea, or this is only temporary?

Rain: Only temporary. From June onwards I will have concert tour in Japan, so I think I will spend 2 months there.

MC: You said that the concept of releasing this special album is to return to your basic heart.

Rain: As you said, I want to return to the beginning. This is my 8th debut anniversary. I want to return to where I started. This is the meaning of the name of the special album - "Back to the Basic". I want to return to my heart when I debuted on 28 April 2002.

MC: Any plans about your movie?

Rain: I have a big action movie to be filmed in Hollywood. I think that will be hard work. So before then I want to shoot a light drama. It's more like a comedy comparable to Full House. I believe I will enjoy it with my fans. Please look forward to it!

MC: Who will be the leading actress?

Rain: I am curious to know that too!

MC: I also want to do it, is there a suitable role for me?

Rain: This will be my honour. My personal view is a drama cannot be called a drama if it only has the leading roles.

MC: That's why I am asking for your help here! (laugh)

Rain: Compared to leading roles, the supporting roles are more important. The drama could only be successful if they do well.

MC: Any plans to hold concerts in Korea?

Rain: I have considered having a concert at the end of the year. I want to hold a concert which could show my own dance styles.

MC: You have produced MBLAQ group

Rain: Yes. They are a group of hard working friends. I am thinking if they will have more support when they release their new album.

MC: This is your first time as a mentor. How do you feel when you watch them doing all the activities?

Rain: Watching them I finally understand how JYP looked after me and helped me. This is not an easy task.

MC: You are so busy. Do you have time to see them?

Rain: I will of course make the time. Thanks to them I also work harder than before. Usually I decide the time.

MC: Do you have any general friend with whom you could talk about almost anything?

Rain: Can't call it general friend. Kim Kwang Min and I are best friends. Actually we were together at MBC's "Come to Play" yesterday.

MC: Now is time for another song – Rain's Hip Song

MC: It seems you have a world fan club called "Benamoo"? Your fan clubs all have the same name?

Rain: Yes, but "Benamoo" is not the official fan club. Cloud is the official name, followed by the country, such as Cloud Japan, Cloud China.

MC: Why choose the name Cloud?

Rain: Because rain will fall when clouds gather together. And when rain falls for a long time, it will become clouds again. This sounds a bit silly now think of it. (laugh)

MC: No, it's very meaningful. There will only be Rain when there are Clouds. We know that you have received a standing microphone from the clouds as a gift.

Rain: Yes, and I am really thankful. Because this is a gift from my fans, I want to make full use of it, so I will work hard.

MC: New Singer Award, Grand Award etc. It seems Jihoon has received many awards! How old is your sister now?

Rain: My sister is 3 years younger so she is now 25.

MC: So what is Hana (sister) doing now?

Rain: University student.

MC: How does she look? How tall?

Rain: She's very, very pretty. She is about to my ears tall.

MC: That's really quite tall!

Rain: Yes, she is tall. She seems only interested in movie. Because her back is not very good she can't be a singer. She's tall but she is very good and quiet. I hope she will get married soon. She has a boy friend now.

MC: Then what about your own ideal type? We heard that you prefer the kind and innocent type?

Rain: Me? That was before. Now I've changed. I like sexy woman.

MC: Then in your eyes, how do you define sexy?

Rain: This is difficult to describe. In the day, she is quiet and nice, but at night she turns to be super sexy, like a tame lion. Can you understand?

MC: Of course everyone can understand! The kind of girl with big contrast right?

Rain: Yes, I really like that kind of girl with big contrast.

Rain: I have such an experience before. My house was under renovation. One day a stranger was in my sitting room and claimed that she's pregnant with my baby. I only knew afterwards she has mental problems. At that time it's a shock and I almost didn't know what to do.

MC: She must be suffering from mental disorder.

Rain: I have such experience in all countries. Once I was in China, a lady said: "I have a kid with you, please call your agent".

MC: And then she left the kid there?

Rain: Right! Everyone please don't do that! I am a very innocent and disciplined man!

MC: (asked the audience) None of you is pregnant with Rain's kid, right? This doesn't work (laugh).

MC: Time for another song – "One"

MC: This song is really nice (and then the three of them talked to the audience).

Rain: Actually I want to return to when I was in senior high. I am very popular in school then. I should have more love affairs then.

MC: What did you study at school then? About movie acting skills?

Rain: Yes, but when I was in senior 1 and 2, I am one of the students that the teacher disliked most, because I didn't study well, my maths was poor, I only concentrated on dancing.

MC: Who affected you most in your life? JYP?

Rain: No!

MC: No?

Rain: I'm only joking. Of course it's JYP Hyung. If it is not for JYP, then there won't be Rain. I have been to the various big agencies for audition and failed. They all said I am not very tall, and my looks wasn't that great..

MC: When you debuted, did you expect to reach what you have achieved today?

Rain: Never. Actually I didn't even think that I could earn money. I was always doubting about myself: "can I earn money?" After I worked hard, I now have the ability to look after my father and he could have a good life.

MC: How's your father. How's he doing?

Rain: Not bad, and I'm really thankful, of course I am very thankful to my mum who's protecting me in heaven. My father's health is not that good, but he doesn't have to work hard like before so I'm really thankful.

My father is a very cool person in terms of love, so when I meet girls I like, I have consulted him!

MC: We have to stop here today. We hope Jihoon could come to our show more often in future.

Rain: This is what I think: a real star does not need any nickname or descriptive words. So I will work hard to become a star as such. And I will work hard until the whole world loves me. In addition, I will work hard so that every year I could come to "Cultwoshow".

MC: Are you saying you will come every year?

Rain: Two years ago when I released my album I've been here right? Actually to me, this is the no. 1 talk show!

MC: We are making use of each other (laugh)

Rain: I have no reason not to come to the no. 1 show. In 2 years time if you are still the no. 1 show, I will be here again.

MC: So, in order to be able to invite Rain here again, we have to work hard.

Rain: That's right. If you are no. 2 or no. 3, then I will have to consider! Anyway, thanks to the producer for letting me here on the no. 1 show, and thanks to the 2 MC hyung, and thanks to the audience who are here today.

MC: We hope Rain will continue to receive your love and support in future. We hope he will always be the 100 people who influence the world.

Korean to Chinese: 비withRain http://cloud-taiwan.net by eunhye
Chinese to English: huhuhuhu
Source & credit: rainhk / huhuhuhu

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Except from Art. 692 at rain-eu: ([Apr-30-2010] Rain wants a woman who is quite nice during the daytime, but who is sexy during night time.)

"This show will be heard on SBS ETV 'TV Curl Two Show' which is a seen radio broadcast on May 5 at 9pm".

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