Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Rain and Psy to perform a duet!

It's been announced that Rain will be a special guest for his best friend Psy's concert.

On May 15th, Rain will appear in the finale performance of Kim Jang Hoon and Psy's concert, One Touch the Last, and perform a duet with Psy.

Despite Rain's busy schedule, he squeezed in time for his friend's concert. On April 30th, they even appeared on SBS's Intimate Note together.

This will be Rain's first time truly getting wrecked and showing his ugly side on stage. It is speculated that they will be performing Rain's Love Song.

Meanwhile, Kim Jang Hoon and Psy's One Touch finale will feature a whopping stage over 100 meters and flawless presentation.

Source: AllKpop

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