Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rain suggests his unusual promises on radio programs in succession

MBC FM4U (1)
Rain and broadcaster 'Loh Hong-Cheol'
MBC FM4U (2)

Rain suggested his unusual promises on radio programs in succession, and such suggestions have generated a lot of interest.

Rain appeared on MBC FM4U radio show program 'Loh Hong-Cheol's 'Close Friends' beamed last 13th and made a boast, "If my second single 'Hip Song' is number one on the music charts, I'll show 'Loh Hong-Cheol's cheap dance on the live TV music program." ('Loh Hong-Cheol's cheap and funny dance made people laugh on a TV show program before.)

During this radio program, 'Loh Hong-Cheol' told Rain, "I've always been interested in your dance choreographies. Incidentally, I've found that your 'Hip Song' choreography seems to be created based on my cheap dance.".

And Rain responded to his joke with wit by saying, "I've seen your dance for my reference. If 'Hip Song' is No.1 on any music charts, I'll be ready to show your cheap dance on the live TV music program where applicable."

The listeners have reacted to Rain's remarks, "I'll pay attention to his stage in such a situation."

Before this, during KBS FM 'Narsha's 'Volume Up' beamed last May 4th, Rain promised, "If I top the music charts with 'Love Song', I'll show the song with a fish in my hand, imitating an animated otter's way of dancing, which is a takeoff on my 'Love Song' performance." But unfortunately, his plan did not materialize because things didn't turn out his way.

Pic Source: MBC
Cap by ratoka
Source: Daily Sports
Brief translation credit: rain

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