Monday, May 17, 2010

Rain promises to dance Noh Hong Chul's "low-grade" dance if he wins first place


Superstar Rain made a declaration addressed towards comedian Noh Hong Chul during his guest appearance on the radio show MBC FM4U Noh Hong Chul’s Close Friends.

On the 13th, this singer stated that, if he were to win first place for his song called Hip Song, he would dance Noh Hong Chul’s comical trademark "inferior quality" dance.

To this, DJ Noh Hong Chul remarked, "I usually watch Rain's performance with interest. When I analyze his dance choreography, I think that he must have remade some of my comic dance moves for his songs."

Like a good sport, Rain played along to the remark by replying, "I did actually have a few of your dance moves in mind while making my choreography."

Meanwhile, Rain previously made an announcement that he would dance while carrying a fish on stage if he won first place for his Love Song. However, after he made the announcement he never won first place so the "fish dance" never occurred.

Source: Allkpop

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