Thursday, May 06, 2010

Rain on Strong Heart

On today's episode of Strong Heart, world star Rain had an eventful appearance. After shooting the breeze with MCs Kang Hodong and Lee Seung Gi, he literally caught a breeze. While bustin' a move to one of his newest hits "Hip Song," Rain busted his pants.

Rain was a trooper though and continued his dance after tying his sweater around his waist. He then went off stage to change clothes. When he came back in a different outfit, suspicions were raised about whether or not Rain planned the 'wardrobe malfunction' for the variety show to which Rain slyly responded "didn't you notice, I wore my pretty underwear?"

After that they held a mini version of the World Cup to see who Rain's ideal type was. The contenders were Song Hye Kyo, Han Ye Seul, Shin min Ah, Im Soo Jung, Jung Ga Eun, and Kahi. So who is Rain’s ideal girl?

His I'm A Cyborg, But It's Ok co-star Im Soo Jung. Rain said that he liked her sense of humor and caring style. Of course the choices were limited, usually when doing the World Cup 32 candidates are given, but being Rain's best out of six isn't bad at all. Rain also talked of his dating past and how he dated secretly.

Other tidbits revealed on the show included Star Golden Bell MC Lee Chae Young who confessed that she's a Rain fan girl. The MC was so unsettled by sitting next to him, they had to repeat their questions to her, she even brought along a CD of Rain's from 11 years ago when he first debuted in a group. She also thanked Rain for casting her in his "I Do" MV which helped to kick off her career. Also, SuJu's Heechul confessed that he dressed as a girl (like we never saw him dressed as a girl) so that he could go out on a date with an ex-girlfriend and After School’s Kahi confessed that she dated an idol before her debut.

If you're interested in seeing all these stories (or a chance of seeing Rain's undies) be sure to check out the episode.

Source: SeoulNTN, SeoulNewspaper, TheKoreaEconomicDaily
Credit: Seoulbeats

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