Thursday, May 06, 2010

Rain is to wave the Taegeukgi, the natonal flag of Korea, while performing his second single 'Hip Song' for the World Cup season

Rain'll show an incredible choreography through his second single 'Hip Song'.

Rain said in a recent interview, "The first word, 'Hip' out of 'Hip Song', connotes two meanings of 'Hip' and 'Hip Hop'. For the upcoming performance of 'Hip Song', I've prepared such funny movements to swing hips as if we do gymnastics, including the boxing dance used by muscles in your arm."

Rain'll officially follow up with his second single 'Hip Song' from the 13th after his title track 'Love Song' which has attracted the attention of the public with its unusual choreography to bare his chest.

Rain said, "I'm planning a surprise event to wave the Taegeugki, the natonal flag of Korea, while performing 'Hip Song' for the 2010 World Cup season." adding "I hope you'll also look forward to the stage of Hip Song".

Source: Daily Sports
Brief translation credit: rain

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