Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rain is interviewed with O'live channel


Rain: Hello, O'live family.

This is singer Rain who's been chosen as May's Style Icon by O'live channel.


Q: What is the biggest appeal of this album?

Rain: It is the aesthetics of temperance in the silence.

Title track 'Love Song' which has a 4 beat rhythm may be a Korean style ballad, but its powerful element is the understated choreography and clothes.


Q: What is the difference between actor 'Jung Ji-Hoon' and singer Rain, in terms of style?

Rain: In comparison with singer Rain who likens himself to a fish caught at sea, actor 'Jung Ji-Hoon' may be compared to a farmed fish. I'm aware of myself of being a singer, while much remains to be done as an actor.

I like them both.


Q: What's your definition? What is your own style?

Rain: Complete freedom to do as I wish.


Rain: "Michael Jackson and my father is a role model for me, on my stage and in my life, respectively.


Q: What's your plan in 2010?

Rain: Now I'm active with my special album released this year, and thank many of you for giving 'Love Song' your love. I plan to follow up with second single 'Hip Song', and then I'll appear in a drama.

I ask for your continued support and love.

Thank you.

Source: Youtube
Brief translation credit: rain

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