Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MBLAQ G.O, "Rain put the song he promised to MBLAQ in his own album"


MBLAQ G.O reveals a secret of his president Rain.

The 2 of them were on SBS Strong Heart aired on 11th May where G.O revealed, "There is an eraser in Rain's head."

He continued, "The 4th track off Rain's album tited 'The Same' was actually a track he promised he would give to MBLAQ. But in the end, the track ended up in his own album."

Upon G.O's confession, Rain said, "You guys can't pull the song off." They then had a live battle on the show and the guest appearances have voted for G.O.

G.O then revealed another incident of Rain's forgetfulness. He said, "One day our manager told us to wear the clothes that Rain can no longer wear, and we received a box of the clothes. But one day, Rain saw the clothes and ask 'Isn't that mine'. Even after telling him about what the manager said, Rain still went to the box and took out a set of clothes to wear."

Source: Newsen
Credit: K bites

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