Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rain's going to start his new concert tour throughout Japan

Rain's concert tour 'Rain Zepp Love Tour 2010' will be done throughout Japan, starting with Zepp Tokyo Hall in that country on June 22nd.

Rain said when he finished his Asia Tour on the 17th, "I've worked out the new plan and am trying to push ahead with it. I've become much more confident than ever. And I try to remember when I first began and to prepare for such a concert where I can get closer to my fans."

Rain's proposal to get closer to his fans in small performing arts hall have been accepted, and this concert has been put into action. During the concert, he'll meet with his fans, a total 9 times, through 6 cities such as Fukuoka (June 25), Osaka (June 28, 29), Nagoya (July 1,2), Sendai (July 4), and Sapporo (Jauly 5), starting with Tokyo (June 22, 23).

All performances will go in a stand-up concert, and each of all the venues has a 3000-seat capacity. Rain said, "The concert halls are a lot smaller than before, but the smaller it gets, the more work I have. I'll work hard to my fans' own satisfactions.

Rain's Asia Tour which had lasted 8 months came to an end on the 17th, and he is now active with 'Love Song' which is the title track from his new album.

Source: Daily Hankook
Brief translation credit: rain

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