Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rain talks about MBLAQ in Mnet Kim Jae-dong’s Show

*'MBLAQ' is a five male group discovered and produced by Rain.


Although MBLAQ are new singers, they've become one of Korea's best-loved idol groups and have worked hard. They'll begin working as singers with their new album at the beginning of May.

There is a song selected as the title track for their new album, but which was to become the title track for my special album, but I was willing to offer the song to them. It looks good for their comeback that much.

What I want them to do is that they never give up no matter how difficult it is, and that they never get hurt, with or without their success. So I hope they'll also have such a strong will power I've thankfully had after all the obstacles that life presents me.

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