Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rain speaks his mind in Mnet 'Kim Je-Dong' Show

'Kim Hyung-Seok', Rain, and 'Kim Je-Dong' (from the left)
After the pre-recording, Rain is shaking hands with each and every audience

The pre-recording of the first 'Kim Je-Dong' Show where the whole idea behind the show is that it's meant to encourage audience participation, was completed in a studio inside of Mnet Media in Seoul's Sangahm-dong on April 21st, 2010.

Rain who has an intimate acquaintance with 'Kim Je-Dong' attended the show and just revealed his most secret feelings afresh.

Songwriter 'Kim Hyung-Seok' also appeared in the show as an assistant MC who is a nice addition to it.

120 seats were filled with people recruited through 'Kim Je-Dong' Show's official Twitter.

During the show, Rain said, "I wanted this kind of show to be structured even in Korea as soon as possible. I hope it will last for 10~20 years."

He added, "I hold my work in high esteem as an entertainment", "It still breaks my heart to remember my late mother, so I still feel guilty, but I think I can rid myself of such guilt only after being a father of a baby."

He also complained that his 'Love Song' MV hasn't been shown on KBS TV due to the infraction of the traffic laws, and spoke his considerable mind to JPY who had identified his talent.

Rain was also glad to meet 'Kim Hyung-Seok', JYP's teacher and Rain's professor at college, "'Kim Hyung-Seok' is a grandfather to me. He was my professor at my college"

This show began at 10pm and finished after midnight, and these three said bye after the pre-recording, shaking hands with each and every audience. It'll be aired for the first time on May 6, 2010.

Source: Nocut News
Brief translation credit: rain

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