Friday, April 23, 2010

Rain is in the Hospital!

After a performance at Mnet Countdown, Rain was immediately taken to the hospital due to a serious flu. On the 22nd, Rain was at Seoul Samangdong CJ E&M center pre-recording for his new song, Love Song, for Mnet Countdown, but right after he was done with recording, he immediately passed out in the waiting room.

According to the entertainment staff, Rain had a serious case of the flu since the day before the recording but still managed to finish the pre-recording without any hardships but was taken to the hospital right after.
According to one of the representative, after Rain's comeback, he has practiced everyday, non-stop along with interviews and various concerts in Japan. Due to having so many schedule, Rain has not been able to get a good rest sleep.

With his new album, Back to Basics, and his hit song, Love Song, Rain is continuously gaining popularity and love from many of his fans.

Take a break Rain! You're still the amazing, global star!

Ashes: Oh! Really hope Rain is okay & he should get lots of rest. Take care, dearie Rain. ;)

* Source: Jo Bum Ja @ + KPOPLIVE
* Translation: eunjin @

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