Friday, April 02, 2010

Power from Rain's title track MV can be felt

MV :

The full version of the title track 'The Song To Make You Want To Stay (Neol Bootjabul Norae)' music video for Rain's special album has been unveiled.

The MV released on Gom TV on the afternoon of the 2nd, is getting really good reviews in that Rain is simultaneously expressing his feelings of toughness and sexiness in it.

In the MV, Rain shows off his physique, which is making to raise women's pulse rate. As his captivating voice is added to the lyrics that exude his loving toward his sweetheart who broke up with him, more perfection can be seen. And, the stars of the MV are being praised for their very natural acting style as if they were off-screen lovers.

Netizens expressed their opinions after watching the MV, "Even though it is a ballad song, I can feel power from it." "Watching the MV with the music is different from when I'm just listening to it."

Source: Daily Economy & Asia Economy
Brief translation credit: rain

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