Sunday, April 25, 2010

★★ Activity for the celebration of Rain 8th debut anniversary ★★

Hi, this is Cloud 7th Board.
As we know, April 24th is Rain's debut anniversary
In order to celebrate this important day, activity has been prepared for all Cloud, details are as follows:
We hope that everybody will participate actively this activity.

Event period: From today to May 8th (Sat) [Korean time]

Event exclusive room: rain-cloud website (8th anniversary event) 8주년 이벤트

Winners will be announced on: May 15th (Sat)

1. Please upload image with a short text "Rain 8th birthday anniversary" (a little bit different but similar semantics is acceptable) to the 8th anniversary event room.
- Example: Find things related to number "8" in your daily life, then take a picture and put anniversary celebrated words "Happy 8th anniversary"

* Note for uploaded Images
- The major concept of this event is sending messages from Cloud around the world for the celebration of the 8th anniversary.

- Image Size: 720 x 480
Size for single image as of above. And, picture which is combined with various images, size can be smaller. Simple configuration will be easier to identify.
(Please avoid to use complicated/colorful design or too many words)

- number "8" must show on the image

2) 40 people will be selected from all participants and gift CD will be given.
Domestic or overseas Cloud may participate in this activity.

3) We will give Rain a Mac Book Pro 15" model core i7 as gift.
Music making and editing function is included in this model, light and easy to carry around. It should be good for artist.

All 8th anniversary celebrated images will be gathered and made as a desktop wallpaper. Song from Special album "Same" will be used as background music. All messages will be presented with animated effects one by one. Enjoy all in one click...

Desktop wallpaper and animation will be produced for the celebration of Rain's 8th debut anniversary from the heart of all Cloud.

Desktop wallpaper (sample)
-All uploaded images will be combined to produce one desktop wall paper, hope all images and contents will be shown clearly, therefore, design is as simple as possible.

Celebration of Rain's 8th debut anniversary from Fans around the world will be shown in this combined picture.
-Below is a sample (combined all Rain's pictures)

*Fans are probably wondering if the activity is late for 8th anniversary because the actual day was on the 24th
Since the new model Macbook Pro will be received on early May, extended activity period for better preparation.

* Desktop wall paper and animation will be uploaded in rain-cloud website for everybody review.

Your participation is very appreciated.
Thank you.

Source: rain-cloud
Eng briefly translated by Cuckoo
Credit: rain-usa

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