Sunday, April 25, 2010

500,000 "Ninja Assassin" DVDs Sold Within Four Weeks

Rain's first lead role in a Hollywood movie was of course the action-flick "Ninja Assassin". It was recently reported that it was the 10th most rented DVD in the U.S., according to an American DVD sales and rentals chart named Rentrak.

After hitting theatres in November of 2009, Rain's movie grossed $38,122,883 in ticket sales. Following that up with over $10 million in DVD sales within four weeks? Not too shabby... especially for a foreign star. According to reports from a U.S. film information site, The Numbers, after going on sale on March 17th, DVD sales for "Ninja Assassin" hit 514,683 within four weeks, bringing in a total of $10,084,306. Combine that with ticket sales at the box office, the film banked a total of $48,207,189. This exceeds the amount of $40 million dollars that was initially invested into the project.

The global box office sales totaled $61,590,252. Industry sources say that if that amount were to also take in the international DVD sales, the total gross amount would roughly be $90 million.

Source: KBS World

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