Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The teaser of Rain's special album has been revealed

Back to the basic

The teaser clip of singer Rain's special album has been revealed.

The teaser clip of his special album 'Back To The Basic' was released on his official homepage at 12am on the 23rd.

He was seen attempting to exceptionally transform himself as shown in the clip, which was enough to catch the eyes of netizens.

The looks of his hair falling over his shoulders and of his eyelashes that are long on the jacket picture already revealed on the morning of the 22nd, marks his extreme transformation.

Netizens who saw the clip are showing their tremendous interest, "The sound is really good" "I can't wait to see the official teaser clip." "I can't believe Rai'll return to work as a singer."

The special album of Rain who is to return to do musical activities in a year and a half, will be released upcoming April 1st.

Source: Max Movie
Brief translation credit: rain bird@rain-eu.com

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