Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain's title track for his special album charts No.1 on all the music websites

Rain is really showing his true potential as soon as he has made a comeback as a singer.

According to music website 'Monkey 3' on the 30th, Rain's title track 'The Song To Make You Want To Stay ('Neol Bootjabul Norae' in Korean)' for his special album 'Back To The Basic' is charting number one on each of all the music websites in real time soon after it was released at midnight on this day.

Officials from the 'Monkey 3' expressed, "Rain's title track is ranked No.1 as a great number of netizens visited all the music sites to listen to its sound with the record for the highest number of streaming and download services.

Since not only does he come to return to a career as a singer in a year and a half, his title track has also been transformed not to a dance song, but to a ballad song, it seems to get an explosive response form the netizens"

'The Song To Make You Want To Stay (Neol Bootjabul Norae)' is his first ballad title track after his debut in 2002. In particular, his fans are growing more and more interested in the song when it was learned he wrote both the words and the music of it.

Source: Asia Economy, Money Today's Star News
Brief translation credit: rain bird@rain-eu.com

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