Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain to make the cover of the first issue of Real Korea which is a journal on Hanryu

As Ran has revealed his title track for his special album on the music websites, he is making the musical industry excited again.

Rain who has devoted his full attention to his acting activities since his 5th album Rainism, is about to come back to a stage as a singer.

Rain's fans are enthusiastic about the news that he's decided to use 'The Song To Make You Want To Stay (Neol Boojabul Norae)' as the title track for his new album, and the song is his first ballad song as the title track in the history of his musical activities.

This song which is more likely to attracting the attention of netizens because he has written both the words and the music of it, was in the top ten soon after it was released on each of all the music websites.

Rain who is about to return to the musical industry, is expected to show off himself as a Hanryu star in many different fields. Not only has he been on the rolls of international fame as an actor, but he also has a great influence on Asians as a singer.

In particular, He has proven to be the representative of Hanryu stars, as he has made the cover of the first issue of Real Korea (May issue) which is a journal on Hanryu. (the Korean Wave)

The ceremony in celebration of the opening of the journal will be held during April, and a total of more than 350 celebrities such as influential political & economic & social figures including famous entertainers, will grace the occasion with their presence, that's why it'll be second only to awards ceremony where there are lots of famous stars.

Source: Osen
Brief translaton credit: rain bird@rain-eu.com

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