Thursday, March 25, 2010

MBLAQ's member 'Lee Joon' is just being jealous of Rain due to Lee's mom.( taken from a radio program)

'Lee Joon', one of 5 male group MBLAQ's members produced by Rain, is just being jealous of Rain, because his mother is partial to Rain.
'Lee Joon' appeared on KBS FM radio's music program 'Volume Up by Maybe' on Mar.23, 2010 and talked about his mother and Rain.

'Lee Joon': Listen here.

My mother is a big fan of 'Ji Hoon' Hyung (Rain).
She came to see his (Legend of Rainism) concert in Seoul not because of me, but because of him. At that time, because she was afraid she might run him down, she just went away to enter the concert hall after waiting for him for about 5 minutes in front of the waiting room where he was taking a rest in order to exchange greetings.
I've been getting compared to him by her in this way "He is much better looking than you."

Source: Rain Gallery
Brief translation credit: rain

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