Thursday, March 18, 2010

[Notice from rain-cloud] Details on the Cloud's support for Rain's music activities

Hello, the Cloud.

We are the 7th executive.

We're trying to give you details on our support for Rain's music activities.

What he needs is the mike stand that will be used on stage.

The Cloud side let his agent 'J.Tune Entertainment' know that we will support Rain to be active as a singer with his special album.

Before deciding what to support about, now that it's already like this, we asked J.Tune point-blank about the matter, "We hope J.Tune to offer us the option to support about what will come in use to Rain and what can make us feel that we are with him all the way." That's why they told us, "Mike stand will be key to this special album and is being production."

Our dues left is total 76, 855, 290 KRW (around $68,116), and when 2 mike stands (including an extra mike stand) for Rain and 4 for his dancers are produced, production costs of 14,000,000~15,000,000 KRW (around $12,408~ 13,294) are expected. (Its cost is subject to changes)

The production of mike stands will be entrusted to an expert for the quality of our artist's album through J.Tune.

Let us hear your candid opinions about this.

Brief translation credit: rain

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